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    Hi, has anyone experienced a problem with cut and paste.
    I can no longer cut and paste plan information from Project to Outlook, MS word or excel. It was working up until around 1 month ago. (It’s as if Project is not putting the cut information into the clipboard.)
    Any help or advice appreciated.
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    i have seen it occur with some project files.  And it wasn’t consistant.  Have these files been converted from 2007 or being viewed in compatability mode?  This is where i’ve been seeing the most issues.  also, try just copying the cells and not the whole task.
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    Hi Bill —
    A word of caution here: be careful when pasting with Microsoft Project. If you are copying data from MS Project and pasting elsewhere, then it should work and be harmless, but be especially careful when copying and pasting into MS Project.
    For example, if you paste dates (Start, Finish) into MS Project, it will impose scheduling constraints on those tasks, which may cause you grief. Also, try not to copy entire task rows in MS Project, as it may cause problems with duplicate IDs behind the scenes. Instead, copy ranges of cells… not entire rows.
    Good luck!
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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