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      I have a virtual machine instance of MS Project 16 running on a Windows 10 instance on my MAC.

      I am unable to select a task to copy and paste it in another location. I can only select a column/cell and not the entire row.

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      I’ve run into an inability to paste several times in MS Project. Every time it was because the table used by the view was corrupted.
      Try copy/paste in another table/view and if that works, then it’s definitely the table definition.
      To fix the table;
      Open the table definition and scan down thru the rows listing each field in the table. You should find one row that indicates something abnormal, meaning the field name will say something like “Invalid”. I can’t remember exactly what it will say, but it will be obvious.
      Delete that row(s) from the table definition, save the table and you should now be able to copy/paste in that view again.

      Hope that helps

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      Thanks. I opened the entry table view and all of the columns look fine. I just purchased a mouse instead of a track pad which I am using currently. That could also be the root of the issue. Let me know if you have other ideas. Thanks.

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      Something else copy/paste related to be aware of;
      If you copy MS Project information and then subsequently try to paste it into a view, you may find that the paste function is grayed out and/or paste doesn’t do anything. This is the key sign that you probably have a corrupted view. So what does a corrupted view mean?
      Open the view definition table (that lists all the fields in the view and their attributes), look for a row that doesn’t list an actual field name, but instead says something like unknown or undefined. Its obvious when you see it. That is the “corruption” you are looking for. Delete that row from the table definition, save, close, re-open the view, and the paste function should work again. Just another one of those fun bugs that randomly appear in MS Project.

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