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      To all project server users:

      Does anyone experienced issue with your project professional client cache? We have been searching for information to understand how client cache is managed. Here at Qualcomm, we have experienced many times since project server 2007 and now in 2013, where operations (i.e. Save, Publish) in the client back to the server are throwing job queue errors. In many cases, our users have to clear his/her client local cache, reopen the afftected plans again from the server, then resubmit the operations again to generate successful job results.

      If you have any information regarding how client cache is managed in Project Professional/Project server, please provide your input.


      Joseph Yin
      Staff Systems Analyst
      Qualcomm Incorporated

      *** We are running Project Server 2013 (project server security mode) with Dec 2013 serverside CU + SP1 clientside CU.

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