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    Since we moved to Project 2013, I’ve found a number of problems with the scheduling functionality. Float values sometimes do not change when the logic is changed. The software is set to auto-calculate. I have to remove and re-enter the task relationships to correct the float. I also get error messages for circular logic when I copy and paste a string of activities, even if there are no logic ties outside the string. In this case, I usually have to close MS Project and open again to avoid the error message. Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Part of my job involves reviewing contractor schedule submittals and it’s very difficult to evaluate the logic network when the float value is suspect.

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Michael, the issues certainly sound strange and shouldn’t be happening. Just a couple of observations to think about. When you copy and paste a set of tasks, Project places them as subtasks of the previous task. That doesn’t seem to be the issue as you state it works after you close and reopen the schedule. Do you know what was used to develop contractor schedules? Was it a recent version of Microsoft Project or was it a different tool like P6. Is your Project current on it’s updates. Last question, is this something others are experiencing?

    My first thought is to uninstall the software and reinstall. Download the software and install directly on your machine and not through a software management solution. Another thought would be to download a free 30 day trial of Project Pro for Office 365. This is the exact same software as you would install directly. The only difference is that it is a subscription solution instead of a purchase price.

    In short what you are experiences is out of norm and shouldn’t be happening. Good luck and let me know if you can get it fixed.

    Michael Marrow

    I uninstalled and re-installed MS Project and I’m still seeing the problem with float values failing to recalculate after changing logic or lead/lag. Could this be an Office 2013 issue? A Windows 7 issue? It’s very frustrating because now I question the data that I’m seeing in MS Project. Float values that are way out of whack are obvious but I worry about the other errors that I may not be seeing.

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Michael, is this happening with every project or just the consultant schedules? What product or version were the consultant schedules developed? One thought, install Project 2010 along side 2013. Microsoft certifies it works and I use them both all the time. Test a repeatable scenario on both and see if the problem is truly just with 2013. If the scenario happens only with 2013 then it’s a bug and should get reported. I haven’t heard of it but then I am not privy to the bug list. Good luck…

    Michael Marrow

    As you suggested, I asked someone with MS Project 2010 to open the file and tell me what the float value is for a couple of tasks.

    In Project 2013, on my computer, Task 8 has 266d float. When my friend saved the file to his desktop and opened it, Task 8 showed 32d float.

    On my machine, Task 64 has 77.8w float. My friend said the task had 30.8w float.

    If I delete the logic and re-enter the task relationships, I’ll see the lower (correct) float values. Do you have any idea why Project 2013 is not auto-calculating the correct float value?

    I may request to go back to Project 2010 but I’m not sure my corporate IT group would support that. I appreciate any suggestions that you might have.

    How do I report a bug to Microsoft?

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Michael, it certainly sounds like a bug and worth reporting. I’ve exhausted my suggestions unless someone else has specific experience with this issue. Good luck…

    Kelly Howie

    I understand that Microsoft is not accepting bug reports formally, but I am hoping this post will get picked up by someone that will vet and send to them. I am having intermittent but recurring issues with MS Project 2013 making changes and saving them and them later reverting to before the saved change. I have also had issues where the auto schedule function does not recalculate when dates are changed and then I have to manually adjust each row. Lastly, sometimes dates or durations seem to just adjust on their own. Very peculiar…….


    I am seeing a host of issues, mostly with activities/tasks/most fields not updating as before, and am surprised MS isn’t offering support but I’ll try…otherwise I’ll be moving back to 2010

    Avatar photoEric Uyttewaal


    I have seen all problems you describe; here are my work arounds:
    – For the lack of recalculation, I have gotten into the habit of pressing F9 to force instant recalculation, which solves most situations for me when the scheduling engine did not. Microsoft has certainly left some open-ends in their code where a recalculation should be triggered but because of their omission none is.
    – For the cutting/copying and pasting and getting circular message: I have found that this message is true but hard to understand, so this one is not Microsoft`s omission, it is your omission. To give you one of many examples where this could happen: if you cut a task that is a predecessor to a summary task and paste it into the detail tasks of the summary task you have created circular logic.

    I hope this helps…


    Tamara Sutton

    I’ve found the same thing in Project 2010, float values not calculating properly, even after a logic or duration change. Much like Eric, I found F9 corrected the calculations. Not something we should have to do when auto-calculate is on, but, it is MSP.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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