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      Hiii everybody,
      I have a problem with the progress lines in MS Project 2010.
      I was trying to compare the tasks effective progress with their baseline forecast. All is working good except for the summary task, which is ignoring the buffer time between tasks.
      I want to know if there is the possibility to exclude the summary tasks from the progress line or a way to adjust its value.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Alessandro, as this is an out of box feature I doubt there is any additional options other than what is shown. Of course if you don’t display summary tasks then they won’t be included at all, but probably not the answer you were looking for. Good question though and maybe someone might have another answer.

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad
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      I agree with Larry. You can’t do it with Progress lines. The work around is hide the summary tasks in the Gantt Chart. You can create a filter (View tab > Filter drop down … New Filter) and copy the filter definition of Summary. In the Filter definition dialog, change the condition to “Summary equals No” and clear Show related summary tasks. Apply this new filter. It will display all tasks except summary tasks. Now apply the progress line on this view.

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