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    My company is all about progress lines. So, I’m trying to figure out how to get it to work correctly. It is really easy to turn the progress line on in Project 2016. But, it doesn’t always show the status accurately for Summary Tasks. If the status date is after a series of tasks that have not started yet, the progress line jumps all the way to the end of the summary bar roll up. Which makes it appear as if those tasks are all complete, when they’re actually behind. I can force it to look correct by setting the completion of the first task to 1%. But obviously, it would be better if it just worked automatically. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Daryl Deffler

    Are you re-leveling the project schedule? I’m asking because you state that you have a series of not yet started tasks that are before the status date, meaning your schedule is showing not yet started work in the past. Typically, there are only a couple reasons that you would have un-started tasks in the past.
    1) the tasks have mandatory constraints such start no later than and that date constraint is in the past.
    2) you are leveling but you have the leveling option to honor task constraints turned on. This could allow tasks to be stuck in the past.
    3) the schedule hasn’t been releveled and un-started work has therefore not been moved into the future (past the status date).

    I can’t say for sure this will fix the issue, but this is where I’d start.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the reply. Right now, I’m setting up a schedule for a project that hasn’t really begun. I’m trying to get the formatting correct before I fill in all of the detail. Then I’ll populate all of the future tasks as they need to get completed to finish each phase on time.

    My company is accustomed to seeing schedule status with a progress line. I’ve read that there are better ways to show schedule status, but I’m also just barely making progress at getting our Manager to move from excel schedules to Project. So I’m trying to take small steps.

    Let’s say I plan a machine builders design phase to run from Jan 1 through Feb 28. I can schedule all of the tasks and milestones that we need to track on the working level as subtasks of Design. But then to report out to Upper Management, I just roll the whole schedule up so all the see is the duration and timing of the whole phase.

    When looking at the schedule on Dec 31, if none of the tasks have been started early the progress line will be straight because the first task should start tomorrow. When I come into work tomorrow and open the schedule, the Progress line shows each task as not started yet (to the left), but the line is drawn at the end (to the right) of the Design phase on the summary line. Once I enter in any progress on the first task, the progress line then moves to match it. Maybe it’s just another graphical glitch in Project 2016. But, I wonder if there’s a way to correct it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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