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      jeff Heath

      Our current project server environment requires enterprise resources to use timesheets to progress the schedule. However, we do have some projects that have 3rd party vendors developing solutions and then handing off to the internal test team to test and deploy. What are the best practices for progressing inserted vendor schedules in project server?
      Is there a way to swap out the vendor schedule with an updated version?


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      Larry Christofaro

      Jeff, I see two separate questions in your request:
      1. Assigning vendor resources: Best practice as you describe your situation is to use and assign local resources.
      2. Managing a schedule with vendor deliverables: If your are managing the schedule, then you can update the vendor sections however makes sense (such as % complete). I recommend not assigning both vendor and enterprise resources to the same task. Use custom fields and filters to separate vendor tasks for updating. If the vendor is managing their deliverables, then I might recommend entering vendor deliverable milestones only. You can assign the vendor PM to those tasks and have him/her provide you deliverable status. Let the vendor manage the details as it is their schedule.

      That’s a simplified response based on my understanding of your situation. Hope that helps…

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