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      I recently installed Project 2010 Pro on a new Windows 10 computer that also has Office 2016 installed; all the software is up-to-date. As soon as I attempt to open any .mpp file, the application quits and displays a “Microsoft Project has stopped working” dialog. The exact same .mpp files and Project 2010 Pro are working perfectly on my old Windows 7 computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Leonard, as someone who has had to facilitate a MS Project training – where half the workshop would have to install MSP during session one – I would say ur case is not surprising. My diagnostic regimen when in a hurry would be to (in ur case) 1) find a copy of a MSP 2016 trial… it used to be buried deep on the MS website, then 2) see if that fixed the problem, and if not, 3) reinstall your 2010 version and test again. That should take no more than 30 minutes 🙂

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Leonard, I agree with Jigs and I like his diagnostic regimen. I’ve had 2010 and 2016 together on a windows 10 machine for some time with no issues.

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