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      I’m using Project 2010 and we store mpp files on SharePoint. When I try to enable a Resource Pool for a project file stored on SharePoint, it tells me you can’t do that on a Web Server. I assume this is to drive people toward Project Server which is not an option in this situation/timeframe.

      Is there a workaround for using a Resource Pool in this scenario?

      Another option I started looking into is to create a Master Project but it looks like each subproject has its own Resources instead of having a single Resource “Pool” in the Master that is then used by the Subprojects? Is that an accurate statement?

      Any experience/guidance on the nuances of trying to do this would be very helpful.

      Part of my trying this route is because I have Resources used across multiple projects and would like to save myself the future headaches of entering in vacation days into multiple mpp files. I’m not as sure I’m concerned about resource leveling across multiple projects at this point but any experience anyone can share would also be a big help.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Michael, unfortunately SharePoint 2010 does not allow for shared resource pools or master projects. The good news is that this is available in SharePoint 2013 but obviously doesn’t help you right now. The only options I can think of off the top of my head are to (1) not use SharePoint, or (2) manually update OOO on each project. Hope that helps…

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      Mike Zekser

      Much appreciated on your response. Sounds like I have a new entry for my list of MS Project “nuances”. 🙂

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