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      Hi team,
      I am working on a solution which calls for exporting resource assignments from MS Project (2010) to an Excel file for subsequent updates by the busines users.  Most tasks in my work plan have multiple resources assigned.
      I’ve created a map for Task and Resources based on the Entry table and have tried using Unique ID for Tasks, Resource and Assignments as the Merge key.  Updates by the users to the Tasks and Resources tabs in Excel are synced back to MS Project using Unique ID merger key.  However, I cannot get updates made to the Assignments tab (e.g. Work field) to sync back to MS Project.  I’ve tried using GUID as merge key but without success.
      I’ve tried searching this site and tried the search engines but still no luck.
      Please let me know if it’s feasible to export tasks with multiple resource assigned, have users update one or more assigned resource information (e.g. change 2 out of 3 assignments scheduled work) and then successfully sync the updates  back to MS Project.
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      Hello Larkland —
      Question #1: Which tracking method are you using to update the progress on the tasks in your project schedule (% Work Complete, Actual Work + Remaining Work, or Actual Work Per Period)?
      Question #2: You mentioned that your Excel export includes Tasks and Resources, but are you also exporting Assignments? That is where the person-by-person progress is tracked.
      Good luck!
      Tony Zink, MCTS, MCITP, MCT
      Director of Client Services
      EPM Architects, Inc.
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      It is certainly possible to do what you ask, you need to make certain you are exporting Assignments and to do it time phased.  Users than enter time phased values to map back to MSP.
      A word of caution, this is not a simple map back.  You need to consider time phasing (and the periods involved). In addition to the time periods involved, you need to respect "today" and the "status date" so you don’t automatically load assignments in the past.
      As it turns out, i am just finishing a project extremely similar to what you are talking about and would be happy to demo it for you to give you some ideas.  Can’t give you the code, but I can show you how it works so you can implement your own solution.
      I just completed a final peer review on it and have about 20 actions to work off.  That said, it is still plenty viable as a demo for you.
      In closing, think of MS Project as a database with three tables: Tasks, Assignments, Resources.  Each have their own primary key.  Of course there are many more tables, but this is where you need to focus your attention.
      jeaksel at yahoo dot com
      Jim Aksel, PMP, PMI-SP
      Microsof Project Most Valuable Professional – MS Project
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