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      I am attempting to create a Project View for all our projects that will display some key project dates (deliverable Milestones). I’ve located the steps below, however, there appears to be some missing information. I also want to incorporate some visual ratings (Stop Light) based on current date for these deliverables based on %Complete and Deliverable Date. Does anyone have, or can you point me to a more detailed example on how to accomplish this:

      To roll this level of task data up to the Project Center level, create a task-level custom flag field to identify the key activity. Create a task-level date field, and configure it to display the task finish date if the custom flag field has been set to yes. Configure the new date field to roll up as the “maximum” to all summary tasks.

      Finally, create a custom project-level date field and set it to equal the task level date field. This will roll up the milestone date to the Project Center view.

      From Member – Marty Tyler

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Marty, those directions will work but it could be a lot if you have multiple milestones and multiple fields you want to track.  Another option, which is also a bit of work but better designed for this type of reporting, is to use the Deliverable feature in Project Server.  I would take a look at this as well.

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