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      Whenever Users made the changes in the Microsoft project Plan 2016, they are not able to save and publish the changes. from our end we can see the job status is failed and getting the following error code:

      GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) – ManagedModeTaskSynchronization.SynchronizeTaskListInManagedModeMessage. Details: id=’26000′ name=’GeneralQueueJobFailed’ uid=’793938ab-1643-e811-8113-005056a54ca4′ JobUID=’d7e479c2-a832-4c8c-a8b9-c56ecbe15480′ ComputerName=’c91dc4aa-b852-445f-b485-76bf1383ad86′ GroupType=’ManagedModeTaskSynchronization’ MessageType=’SynchronizeTaskListInManagedModeMessage’ MessageId=’1′ Stage=” CorrelationUID=’0cb65e9e-d20b-008b-6a46-63114646392e’. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine c91dc4aa-b852-445f-b485-76bf1383ad86 for entries with JobUID d7e479c2-a832-4c8c-a8b9-c56ecbe15480.

      could you please help me out on this issue.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Kalyan, I did a little research and it sounds like something with the project site. Check the following and see if that helps:
      There are other hits searching on ManagedModeTaskSynchronization.SynchronizeTaskListInManagedModeMessage in case that doesn’t work.

      Hope that helps…

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