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    Tom Herrington

    When using the portfolio management resource planning process with Project Server, how value do you assign to the “max units” for named and generic resources?  Why?

    Avatar photoJohn Riopel

    I would recommend that for named resources using a Max Units value of 100% for a full time person works, since this is used when Microsoft Project calculates an overallocation.  Example Fred is 100% Max Units, he will be listed as overallocated when his assignments exceed 8 hrs per day by default.  When I am using Generic resources I will set the Max Units to 0%, this will display the total capacity this is needed based on assignments.

    Tom Herrington


    This contradicts Microsoft’s stand on this issue.  I quote the following from their MS Forum note.  “Use Generic Resource set to 100% Max Units when you are not sure which named resources will eventually be assigned to tasks.”.

    Forum reference:






Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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