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      Pratik Nikam


      I am admin for our instance and I have created a project template. My users have created projects from the given template with project professional. However, the projects that are created using this template puts my name under assignment owner columns for all sub tasks even if I am not the project manager for those projects. Is this the way Microsoft Project works or am I missing something here?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Sai Prasad

      Pratik, This issue is not about the project template. Default assignment owner of the resources is set to your name and hence this behavior. Edit the resource. Change the default assignment owner from your name to resource name.

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      Pratik Nikam

      Hi Sai Prasad,

      Thanks for your inputs.

      I made a mistake while asking the question.

      The column was not Assignment Owner, it is Status Manager.


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      Sai Prasad

      By default, the status manager is the user who originally published the new task to Project Server/Online. If you are using Project templates, the default status manager on all the tasks in the template is the person who created the project. This is how it works.

      If you want to change the status manager, follow one of the options
      1. Follow the Brian’s instruction using CSOM (
      2. Project manager opens the schedule in Project Pro, inserts Status Manager field and changes to his/her name
      3. Change the enterprise view of Project Center page include Status Manager field. Click PWA Settings > Looking & Feel > Manage Views > Project … Task Summary view. Insert Status Manager as Displayed fields. Back to Project Center page, change the Status Manager in the customized view

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      Pratik Nikam

      Okay. Thanks for that explanation.

      In our system, a project is created automatically through a utility that takes data from Sharepoint list.
      While creating projects it checks for validations to select appropriate EPT.
      And it is this EPT to which I have attached my Project Template. The template that I have created using Admin Account.

      My requirement now is, whenever a project is created automatically, the status manager for all the tasks should be set to the Project Owner and not the Admin.
      Please suggest.

      Thanks in Advance!

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      Sai Prasad

      If the utility is created in .Net, then change the utility to use Client Side Object Model of Project (CSOM) to loop through all the tasks and set the status manager of each task to the project owner. gives you the code to loop and set the status manager for each task. There is no one step to change the status manager of all tasks.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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