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      Shauna Strickland

      In a project schedule, a resource was assigned 160 hours of Work and is showing a total of 123.5 Actual Work hours. He has 36.5 hours remaining, but the project is not showing up on his timesheet. I looked at his My Tasks view and there it is showing that he was assigned 162.5 Work hours and that his Actual Work is 162.5 hours, making the task 100%. I also looked at the project in the desktop application and it mirrors what is shown in the project schedule in PWA.

      I have no idea why the work is different in these two places, and any guidance that you can provide on how to fix the issue is appreciated.

      Thank you,

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      Larry Christofaro

      Shauna, take a look at the end date of the assignment If it is earlier than the timesheet date, try using either the Move remaining work option or changing the Resume date to move remaining work to current. This is a pretty normal standard practice for PMs to do each period.

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      Sai Prasad

      Shauna – Tasks page is to record the task progress, which gets reflected in the schedule. Timesheet page is to record the time spent on each task. It is not necessary that hours entered in Task page and Timesheet needs to match. If you want task progress and time to entered in the same page, you need to turn on Single Entry mode (

Viewing 2 reply threads
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