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      Has anyone tried to map PWA timesheet data to Dynamics SL? Is it even possible right now, or in the near (few years) future? Trying to put some feelers out there…

      In our environment, folks have to enter their time into Dynamics for accounting purposes. Here, this info is direct, indirect, and admin categories (at the client level where applicable). Now, we’ve introduced PWA time entry (for resourcing purposes) and people are just angry for the dual time entry (rightfully so, but truly for 2 distinctly different reasons).

      Now, we got creative here and have created a “think once, enter twice” macro that rolls up the resource timesheet into a summary where they just need to do data entry into Dynamics. So we feel like we are part way there with the macro.

      I’ve heard rumors that Flow may be able to do this some day. I’ve inquired about someone actually creating a custom solution and the cost is a bit high. Any other options that might be out there that can help?

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