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      Running Project Professional 2010(SP1) and for Fixed Duration task type, I entered the Duration, then entered the Resource, then entered the Hours and was expecting it to calculate the Units for me. In Project 2007, it would calculate the Units. (Example, 3 Days Duration, 12 Hours of work, was expecting 50% Units). In this case, Project 2010 calculated 100% Units and changed the Work to 24 Hours. For grins, I changed the Work back to 12 hours, however the Units stayed at 100%. Interestingly enough, I checked Task Usage and the allocation per day was 4 Hours which was correct, just Units are wrong.

      Any ideas or am I doing the entry wrong?

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      Project needs two variables to calculate the third.  You assigned a duration of 3 days, which by default a day is 8 hours.  So that put the work at 24hrs.  Resource has 100% units assigned by default.  So when you assigned the resource to that task, project calculated 8 hours a day because the units for that resource was automatically at 100%.

      When you went back and changed the work to 12 hours for work, then project had to recalculate how much work each day the resource could do to keep the duration at 3 days.

      As long as the assigned work hours for that resource is less than 8 hours for the day then the resource units for each of the tasks can be 100%.

      Since project needs 2 of 3 variables to calculate the third, enter the work hours after the duration, then enter the resource.

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      Thanks for the reply and I did not explain my problem clearly enough. For a Fixed Duration task type, I’m entering 2 variables(Duration and Work) and expecting Project to calculate the 3rd one (Units).

      In Project Pro 2007, PM would use split screen to show Task Details(Project 2010 click the Details option on Task Ribbon). He/she would enter the Duration, then for each resource enter the Work, hit Enter, and Project would calculate the Units.

      Trying the exact same process in Project Pro 2010, the Units always come up as 100%, no matter what combination of duration or work values.

      To follow what you recommended, I inserted a column for Work in the Gantt view. I created a new task, defined Duration of 3 days, then entered 12 Hours of Work. Then I add 3 resources and it spread out the work correctly, but Units are incorrect. See below: In looking at Task Usage view, it appears the 50% comes from looking at 4 hours total for all resources each day.

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      Doing more checking around, apparently this is standard 2010 functionality and the correct Units calculation is stored in Peak field. Little frustrating that both Peak and Units fields are not both visible in Task form.

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      Hi all,

      I read the Microsoft Project blog several times and experimented with this for quite a while and I came to the conclusion that doing this change, Microsoft introduced a bug in behavior of the Units field. The bug though is not what most people think it is.

      I described and demonstrated this bug quit thoroughly in this post in the MSDN forum :

      The problem is that not only does the Units field not behave the way many of us would like it to behave but it does not behave the way Microsoft claims it does.

      In my demonstration, I show adding 4 resources with Units set to 80% to a Fixed Duration task with effort driven checked.

      Now the first resources gets “Initially assigned” at 80% which is the expected behavior.
      “Initially assigning” the second resource should have left the first resource at 80% but the second resource is also at 80% which is wrong; it should be at 40%. and the “Initial assignment” of resource 3 drops to 40% and it should be 27% and son on.

      On of the MVP was able too reproduce the error but came up with an justification that unfortunately does not hold water.

      I believe, MVPs and he whole community are fed up with this wrong behavior that they do not realize that the fix it is not even doing what Microsoft claims it should be doing.

      Does anyone know how to get Microsoft’s attention on this fact?

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