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Project Pro 2013 sync to SharePoint 2013 – Actuals and Remaining Work sync?

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    With the Project Pro 2010 sync to SharePoint 2010, we were able to have our project team enter Actual Work and Remaining Work in the SharePoint task list and sync this data (number of hours) back into Project Pro 2010. With the 2013 version I am finding that these field when entered in SharePoint will not sync back to Project without % complete. This is very unfortunate because our staff reports hours rather than % complete. Is there any way for the % complete on the SharePoint task list to be calculated by custom SharePoint fields that store Actual hours and projected hours and still allowed to be sync back to Project Pro 2013? Has anyone already address this and found a good workaround that allow entry of Actuals and Remaining work in the SharePoint task list?

    Alicia Zagar

    I believe the short answer is no – the calculation for duration is hard coded and based on duration, not work values.

    Citing MS –
    “Project uses the following calculation:
    Percent Complete = Actual Duration / Duration”

    Couldn’t you instead have your team populate the Actual Duration + Remaining Duration fields to establish your Duration.That would then satisfy the sync requirement for % complete.


    Thanks you for the reply. To further explain the issue it is related to a specific message that appears when trying to add the Actual Work and Remaining Work fields to the sync, “The value of the following fields are depended on each other in Microsoft Project. In order to maintain the dependency, only the last field (% Complete) will be synched between SharePoint and Microsoft Project. The other fields (Actual Work) will have their value controlled by the value for % Complete.” Looking for a way that entry of projected and actual work hours can drive the % complete rather than % complete drive the actual work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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