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      I am creating a Cash Flow Report in Excel using Save As Function in Projet professional and have found some issues. I am unable to export to Excel 2010. I just get a excel sheet with no data. When I export to a previous Excel format the export works fine.

      Additionally I have set up a filter inside project that will remove all project steps that are 100% complete and remove all project steps that are inactive. The screen displays the information correctly but when I export the selected data the information is present in the excel file.

      Anyone have an idea of how to fix this problem or how I can report this issue to Microsoft.

      A fix for it would be to export a field that would indicate if the step is labeled as inactive then I could have a macro remove the row of data but displaying that information in a column in project has eluded me.


      Phil Horton

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      I believe this is a known issue.  You should try to open Excel before initiating the export from Project 2010.  That sometimes works.


      David Ducolon

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