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      I recently listed to Ira Brown’s webnlearn on Using Custom Fields and Graphical Indicators to Analyze Quality of Schedule.  As an ePMO Quality Manager, will be incorporating many of the formulas he provided in Project to automate the manual checks I am currently doing.

      Couple things I don’t know how to do with a formula or VBA code are the following:
      1.  Check for the word “Milestone” in a task, if the value is True, flag if work or duration are not equal to zero.
      2.  Flag if constraint is not equal to As Soon As Possible (Thinking I can flag if Constraint Date <> “”)
      3.  Flag tasks that work is >8 hrs or <80 hrs
      4.  Look for generic resources or local resources and see if their tasks are starting within the next 90 days.

      Any input on custom field formulas or VBA code would be appreciated!!

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