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    I’m aware of the standard use of the delegation of task/timsheet approvals. However, I’ve been asked some what-if questions pertaining to delegations.


    A delegation from PM #1 to PM #2 has been established for all of next week while PM #1 is out-of-office. PM # accepts and starts the delegation as planned. He stops it as planned also. In this simple example, any approvals that “would have” gone to PM #1 are directed to PM #2 during that delegation window. So far so good.
    The same delegation from scenario #1 is established but PM #2 does NOT start the delegation unil the 2nd day (i.e. one day late). If there were already a few pending approvals submitted by team members on the 1st day, who gets them? PM #2 when he starts the delegation? or PM #1 since the delegation hasn’t started?
    Following the same delegation scenario from #1 but instead, PM #2 starts the delegation as planned but approved “nothing” during the week. The delegation period ends without anything approved. When PM #1 returns, will all of these be queued-up and re-directed back to PM #1? or will they stay with PM #2 since they occured during the delegation window? I suspect they will be queued-up and re-directed back to PM #1.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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