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      I am using project server 2010. I created a View for the project center and I am able to see and activate the view. I created a view for the Timesheet, but when I try to see and activate the view, I am not able to see it. My colleague has exactly the same access rights (security setup, category, etc.,) as mine. He is able to see and activate the Timesheet view I created.
      I will appreciate if somebody can tell me why my Timesheet view is not working for me!
      Thank you and have a nice day.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      George, as you stated view permissions are stated governed by categories. I would start by double-checking your user settings. Are you both assigned to the same group(s). Do either of you have categories assigned at the user level?

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      Hi Larry,

      Thank you for your reply. In the Quick Launch, I clicked on «Timesheet». In the Project Web App Display section, I selected View and when I click on the arrow to select the view I created, I cannot see my view but my colleague is able to see it.
      N.B: I double-checked my setting versus my colleague settings. I specifically checked: Security Groups, Security Categories, Global Permissions, the settings are exactly the same. I will appreciate if you could guide me to other possibilities.

      Thanks a lot.

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      Larry, Neither of us has categories assigned at the user level.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      George, well at this point I’m at a loss as it is a very simple solution. So can I ask, are others able to see the view and you are the only one who can’t, or is your colleague the only person who can see the view? Did you include all categories in the view…just in case? If you create another timesheet view, does this have the same affect? Are there other views from other view types that act the same way? What if you just recreate the same view (delete it and create a new one)?

      I’m not leading to any other solution but certainly curious as to what is going on. Trying to see if it is a one time happening or if there is some consistent behavior. Let me know what you find out.


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      Hi Larry,

      The problem is only in the timesheet views, other views like project center views, Projects views are working well (I can create views, add new enterprise fields, etc., ).
      Yes, I did include all the categories in my view.
      No, I am not the only one who cannot see the view, another four persons cannot see “my timesheet view”, only two fellows can see it. One of the person who can see “my timesheet view”, created a new view similar to mine and named it: ”Timesheet view No.2”, afterward this person cannot see and display his own view.

      I used an existing out of the box Timesheet view, it worked but if I add some fields to this working timesheet view, the fields I added will not appear in the view.

      Out of seven Projects Managers, four of them can see their own assignments on tasks in their projects in order to add in “PWA Timesheet” their actuals hours worked for a specific week, the other three cannot see their own assignments but can only see the build in “Administration” tasks.

      N.B: We are using an out of the box project server 2010 without any customisation.
      Any, expert advice on these issues will be appreciated.



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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sorry but I ran out of ideas without actually looking at the environment. It sounds like a permissions/category issue. If it was me I might continue dissecting the categories and groups (rebuild, reassign, etc.). Otherwise I would submit a support request to Microsoft. Hope that helps…

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      Richard Frisby

      I’m with Larry on this one. Check the view itself and make sure it is allowed to be used by the category you are a member of. The other user may be assigned in other categories in addition to the one in common with you, one of which may allow access to that view.

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