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    We have PS2010 setup to automatically create a project site each time a new project is added to the portfolio. How can I go about making sure that all Project Managers have ‘full’ access to the project sites? By default they have contribute rights and I have to grant them full permissions each time. I assume that I need to edit it on the template itself, but I cannot find where the template is located.

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    Hello Joe —
    As you have found, when Project Server provisions a new Project Site for a project, the Project Owner is automatically granted permission to modify anything in that project site EXCEPT security-related settings.
    Although there is a site template that the system uses to provision new Project Sites (you will find it when you manually create a new SharePoint site in the system), there is no way to configure the system to grant the Project Owner FULL admin-like rights in the Project Site without investing in a custom-developed solution.
    In the meantime, a Project Server Administrator will need to manually change the Project Owner’s rights in a new Project Site after it is provisioned.
    Good luck!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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