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       We have a need to create a Microsoft Project Server 2010 report and/or view.

       Our business need (from a non-technical perspective) is to create a report and/or view that we can use to track high-level status on all of our projects.  The goal would be to find an existing report/view, or to create a report/view that would allow us to see an overview of all projects and their high level progress.

       Starting with the following raw data that exists in Project Server:

       Project 1

      Task A (summary task)
      Task B
      Task C
      Task D (summary task)
      Project 2
                  Task AA (summary task)
                              Task BB
                  Task CC (summary task)

      The goal is to have MS Project Server print/display the project and summary tasks; something like this:
       Project 1

                  Task A
                  Task D
      Project 2
                  Task AA
                  Task CC

      We would also like to display some information about planned (baseline?) vs. actual schedule for the project in general, and for each of the summary tasks.
       Ideally (but not required) we would like to be able to access this view/report via Project Web Access.

       Since we are relatively new in our use of Project Serer, we could use some recommendations on how we can best accomplish this goal.

       We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.



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