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    Rob Geraghty

    A severe limitation of MS Project is that there’s only five cost-rate tables. This isn’t a problem if you are using stand-alone projects, because the rates can be set to whatever they need to be for the specific project. However, if you use EPM, you are limited to only those five rates for all projects. The only practical approach to this which I can think of is to have the internal cost rate against each resource in EPM, but the sell rate as a custom variable in the schedule. This allows you to have variable sell rates against enterprise resources, but it’s only possible to show the internal cost rate in the GANTT views, and you have to use another tool such as a spreadsheet to add up the total costs of resources against the sell rate. The sell rate can only be shown in the resource sheet.

    Can anyone suggest a practical way of having per-project sell rates in MS Project which can be displayed in the GANTT views? If you create a cost variable in a GANTT view, the custom variable is tied to tasks, not resources.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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