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      We’ve had several instances where:
      Schedule is created in MS Project 2016
      Published in PWA 2013
      User goes into PWA and goes to make updates to the project schedule – Edit, In Microsoft Project.
      The project opens in read-only mode.

      Few things we have done –
      1 – Edits can be made in the browser by all users.
      2 – In most cases, I (as an admin) can get into the schedule, but have to re-save under another name. Sometimes, it is vice versa, where I can’t get in, but the PM can.
      3 – We’ve tried to highlight the project row in PWA and then open it in MS Project for editing (option from the Project tab).
      4 – Thinking through other options, I tried to open the enterprise project through MS Project (versus PWA).

      I have step-by-step screen shots of this if it’ll help. At the end of all of this, I was finally able to Check-Out the project via selecting Read/Write when opening the enterprise schedule through MS Project. I would think this is the same process #3 above, but it seems like it is not.

      Not sure what the cause is or if how I got to the end result is how I should document a procedure for others when this happens. Then there is the why does this happen. I think it has to do with the publish process getting hung up somewhere, but I’m not sure of that.

      Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Kerry,
      It’s a bit difficult to follow the issue(s) from above but I can give you some general statements that might help.
      * Project by default opens the project schedule in view mode unless you specifically open it with an edit option (in PWA or Project)
      * The project schedule is a single user edit that requires check-in and check-out, as you know. PWA and Project actually use separate sessions when editing a project, so you can’t physically open a schedule to edit in MS Project when you already have it opened for edit in PWA (or visa-versa).
      * Saving a project as a new name and then deleting and renaming a project can create issues, especially if you are updating the schedule using timesheets or task sheets. The project may end up with the same name but to Project Server/Online they are completely different.

      Hope this helps. I’m happy to go through your screen shots if the above doesn’t help…(you have my email address…:-)

      Hope everything is going well…

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      Kiran Khanvilkar

      Sorry Kerry, please ignore my response. It was meant for another issue and not the one you reported.

      Thank you,
      Kiran K.

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