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      John Murphy

      We are using Project Server Online. I am working on sending our PWA time to our internal TimeTracking system. One field called TimeTrack Activity (TT Activity) is required for each timesheet line to indicate what the person was doing. For instance a TT Activity can be Testing, Deliver-Implement, Rework, etc. The resource needs to choose the appropriate TT Activity when entering time.

      I added a TT Activity as a TASK field in PWA and set Deliver-Implement as the default. I also added this field to the MY Timesheet view and unchecked “Make Field Read Only” to allow the user to change the value in My Timesheet. So now I can go to My Timesheet, enter time and also change TT Activity for instance to Rework. I can log out and come back in. My change of TT Activity remains as Rework.

      I then tried to pull my time with TT Activity using Power Query going against oData. I cannot find TT Activity as a field to choose. Is there a way to add the field into my Power Query?


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hey John, nice work. I’m actually a bit surprised that this is working as expected? I assume you tested that it doesn’t actually update the task and that it can be set across multiple timesheet periods. Unfortunately with Project Online all you get is OData. You might want to check what FluentPro or other solution might be able to do. I know they have an SSRS solution but my assumption is that it is still based on OData. Otherwise you are looking into an SSIS type of interface. I’m not that familiar with the scope and limitations of a solution like that but I do believe it could get complex. Good luck and please update this post if you find a solution.

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