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    Good morning,

    I am new with MS Project and still not very fluent will all features.
    Could you please assist and tell me if:
    – is it possible to link MS office with outlook calendar to send automatic reminders about upcoming tasks (people assigned to a task),
    – how can I schedule recurrent follow up calls, to have them marked on the project chart (preferably with the direct link to the call),
    – same would like to do with f2f meetings.

    My project has 3 sections with multiple tasks.

    Would be very glad and happy if you could support my questions.
    Thank you,


    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro


    There are ways of integrating Project with Outlook but that is one thing I’ve not done before. Here’s one link from a quick search, but I’m sure there are others: https://www.mpug.com/articles/integrating-project-and-outlook/

    For recurrent follow-up calls, I tend to use Outlook or some other contact management solution. It’s easier to, more functional, and can provide notes/history of conversations. You can manually associate it to a task field (linked to the task, not ID or something that might change).

    Office 365 and Project Online provide a lot more options, but standard .mpp file has it’s limitations.

    Hoping others pipe in with better answers…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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