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      Jan Whitehead

      I renamed text fields 13 -15 in project professional by using the custom field option and then selecting rename. When I go to PWA to create a new view, the text fields appear in the list of fields to select from but they do not contain the “rename” names that I created in project professional online. Is there a different way to have renamed the fields so the new names would show up in PWA and Project Professional Online?

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Jan, there is a difference between the task custom fields you setup in Project and the Enterprise Task custom fields that are setup using PWA. Project task fields are for each project. PWA task custom fields are for all projects. Try that and see if that works for you.

      Note that we are talking task custom fields, not project level custom fields. Hope it helps…

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      This is good information and I hope I have another useful tip.

      I like to use numbers with blank fields in between them. For example, I may use one Resource related filed a 5,and then 10 for a Reference number to tie-back to portfolio tracking. Then, if I want to add another resource related field, I can use number 6.

      It’s all behind the scenes, but it helps me once I start to look udder the hood.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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