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      Jane Bugden

      With information from Project Server 2010 (PWA) and using Dashboard Designer I’ve designed a time-phased report (by month) to show past effort (Measure – Actual Regular Work) against capacity (Measure – Capacity) which displays accurate information. I’ve designed a similar report intended to show future planned work (Measure – Remaining Work) against capacity (Measure – Capacity). Planned work reports accurately but for some reason this report does not show future capacity. Resources in the pool have latest available dates.
      In Server Settings, Resource Capacity Settings are set to:
      Months behind : 1
      Months ahead: 12
      The Dashboard Designer report uses Portfolio Analyzer Cube. The OLAP cube builds every 24 hours. Database date range is “Use the earliest project start date and the latest project finish date”.

      Can someone please tell me what I need to do to report future capacity in Dashboard Designer?

      Thank you in advance.

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