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      Kyle Ibarra

      Good morning,

      I am request the assistance of anyone that can direct me in customizing the tiers on the time scale based on certain units.  The current labels for Middle Tier desired units: Half Years does not give me the option to customize to show a month and date.  The current labels for the Bottom Tier desired Units: Quarters does not give me the optional drop down menu nor allows me to customize to show a date in the (month)/(date) format.  I know it is possible because I am trying to recreate MS Project source file from a schedule that was generated by our contractor using MS Project.  Can you please guide me in customizing or modifying these label options?

      Thank you, Kyle

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      Jack Fox

      Kyle you have to work from the bottom tier up, make sure that the bottom tier is lower units than the middle, etc. Example: Bottom – Months, Middle- years

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