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      jeff Heath

      I have established an operational schedule with a set of common tasks that a group resources may apply time against within the course of a year. Each resource within the group is evenly assigned to each tasks. This results in each resource accumulating about 300hrs in work that is evenly distributed across 12 months for each task. The challenge with operational schedules is that the actuals can generate a trend that doesn’t align with the forecast. In those scenarios, a resource burns through their planned work quicker than forecasted and the task disappears from the resource’s timesheet even though there is still work that may be needed in the future. Has anyone encountered a widget that will retain the task in the resource’s timesheet until the PM states the tasks is complete or a widget that alerts the PM that a low % of hours are remaining on the task?


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      Dennis Melnik

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      Frank Smit

      We had a similar thing in the library, but with overdue books. There was a constant value that accumulates and stops when the book is checked out. Our system was very interesting. Books could be borrowed online and were accompanied by descriptions, summaries, and meanings. A lot of it came from outside sources, like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a lot of it came from and some of it was written by ourselves. For you it is best to make so that the number of hours was static and varies from the adoption of a task to its completion. And then decide what to do with the remaining hours.

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