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      When selecting resources I lose a day over the allocated duration. It shows day one as 0.63 and the last day 0.37 equating to a full day lost. How can I remedy this? I have checked the calendars and from what I can see both the project and resource ones match.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Scott, I would suggest looking at two things. 1. Go to Options / General tab and set the Date format to include the time. 2. Look at the Options / Schedule tab and make sure that the Calendar options settings, specifically Hours per day matches the calendar. Hopefully that can help diagnose the issue.

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      scott gillan

      Thanks, I’ll have a look and see how it goes.

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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler
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      scott gillan

      Thank you, That’s helped a lot. I’m looking to use our project professional as a resource tracker over multiple projects, but all resources and allocated projects on the same file. Is this possible? I used a previous version of project in this way but, with the developments that have been made, I’m struggling to make this version work effectively. Thanks again for any help.

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