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      jeff Heath

      We’re laying out our process for using resource engagements. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a challenge. During our Intake stage, we expect PMs to request for their proposed projects generic roles from their corresponding departments/groups using the Resource Engagement feature. The Dept Head is listed as the Resource Mgr. and he/she confirms the demand for the generic role with their acceptance (roll up of all acceptances provides the Dept. Head the total Demand for his/her department).

      When we send a Resource Engagement to the Dept. Head for the generic role, we’re expecting a notification to be sent to the Dept. Head telling them to go to the Resource Center. Unfortunately, this happens only when we are requesting enterprise resources. Can someone explain why a notification is not kicked of for generic roles?



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      Avatar photoTerry Kneeburg


      Resource Engagement notifications are on an “opt in” basis. This means that each resource manager will need to go into Resource Center, choose Request Reminders, and select the resources for which they want to receive notifications of Resource Engagements requests.

      Hope this helps.


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