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      Bethany Pappas

      In a project in P4W, when selecting the Resource Calendars button, nothing happens. The resource hours do not factor into the project and overpower the calendar selected (with templates or custom default work weeks.) Why is this not working?

      When I go into PowerApps and assign a calendar I created to a resource and then go in and check the resource’s hours, I can tell that the calendar did apply correctly because the working hours match. However, when I go into the settings of the calendar itself and look at the users it has been applied to, it is not accurate. My resources are not there. I want to understand why it is not connecting and if this is part of the issue from the above question.

      My organization has a 24/7 calendar. When I apply this calendar to a project, my duration is not calculating accurately. For example, 5/24/23 – 5/25/23 is showing a 4-day duration. With or without a resource assigned. Why?

      Is there a way to edit start and finish TIME on a task? I would assume I would need to edit working hours for that specific day for the resource in PowerApps, but I cannot test my theory because the resource hours do not factor into my projects like they should (reference to my first question.)

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      James Welsh

      I have many of the same questions.
      I found this page:

      What You Need to Know About Calendars in Project for the web

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