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    Roger Heirbaut


    I make a resource pool with 1 resource.

    This resource pool is shared in 2 other projects.

    Now I would like that resource to be available in Project 1 from 8 to 12 and in Project 2 from 13 to 17 o’clock.

    But all other resources in Project 1 and 2 must be available from 8 to 17, so I cannot modify the project calendars.

    And when I modify the personal resource calendar it is impacted in both projects and in the pool, because there can only be 1 version

    Is there a way this can be done?

    Larry Christofaro

    Roger, unfortunately I don’t believe there is anything you can do to a single resource with different availability to two different projects, at least not at the resource level. You might be able to solve this by creating a task calendar on the one project that can only work in the morning. Pros and cons, but hopefully this can help.

    Roger Heirbaut

    Hi Larry, working with a task calendar is indeed a valid possibility in a simple situation, but that wouldn’t work if there is more than 1 resource allocated to that task and that other resource(s) is working on ‘normal’ hours

    Larry Christofaro

    Yep, that’s the con I was thinking about. Maybe someone else has an idea.


    I don’t use resource pools, so this is just a thought.
    What difference does it make if schedule 1 and schedule 2 both think the resource will be used on the same 4 hours…as long as both combined don’t exceed the resource’s total availability. Assuming the resource calendar in the resource pool is 100% availability (8-5 so to speak), try setting the resource task assignments to 50% in the individual project schedules. Theoretically, you should get 4 hours in project 1 and 4 hours in project 2. Like I said, from a schedule perspective, does it really matter if the schedule thinks the work will be done from 8-12 of 1-5? Bottom line, you need four hours of work per day in that schedule.
    One possible result could also be that MS Project “stacks” tasks in the same schedule. Meaning Task A at 50% can be done in parallel with Task B at 50% because both combined don’t exceed the 100% Max Units defined in the resource pool for that resource. If that happens try adjusting the resource’s Max Units in the resource pool to 99%.
    Its a bit outside the box, but it might work.

    Roger Heirbaut

    Hi Daryl, You have an interesting approach to the situation. Indeed most of the time the exact hours on which a resource is assigned to a task are not that important. But if work assignment reports are mailed to team members it might confuse them a bit, if they read that they should be present on site A in the morning in some city when they are supposed to be there that same day in the afternoon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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