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      Paul G

      Hi all,

      I have been asked to setup project templates and resource pools for the company that I just joined. In the past, I have setup projects with resource pools contained w/in the project. I have also setup projects where a separate resource pool (separate mpp file) is used – both with varying degree of success.

      The resources we are speaking about are strictly “people” in an engineering development organization. There are about 8 program managers and about 60 staff total. For the most part, each program manager has their own team with only a bit of overlap between programs.

      My thought was to have each PM manage their own resources internal to their respective projects. Then, one person (who is responsible for determining department manpower loading) can take each file and insert as a sub-project into a master manpower loading project. This person can then look at overall resources across the department to determine which teams are overloaded and if additional employees are needed.

      Does this seem like a reasonable way to maintain manpower? Does anyone see any flaws in my thought process? Does anyone have a better recommendation that provides each PM to maintain their own resources while providing management the tool to review overall capacity?

      Thank you all in advance.

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