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    I just wanted to a share an issue I experienced using a Resource Pool with Project Professional 2010 non server.

    I had created a resource pool. I tried to share resource with existing schedules. I could tell the schedule to share resource with the resource pool, but when I tried to save it, Microsoft project stopped working. I had already recreated my files due to a corruption issue.

    I went into the one of the files and deleted all the resources, saved the file, reopened the file and was able to establish the connection with the pool and reassign the resources. It appears to me that there was an issue trying to connect a file that had existing resources assigned prior to connecting to the pool. The key is to remove all the resources in the existing files’ resource sheet, Save the file, close the file then reopen the file. I could not just delete the resources and connect to the pool, if I did this I got a Microsoft project stopped working dialog.

    I have completed these steps on my files and everything appears to be working right now. I am curious if anyone else has had this issue. I am not sure what kind of issue this may cause in the future. Like what happens if I add a resource to a schedule? Does the resource get written to the pool as in previous versions.

    I would be interested in seeing all comments concerning this so I can prepare for future updates.


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    Here’s a link to a thread where someone else had the same type of problems.


    Here’s a possible fix:


    And here is a link to how to create the resource pool. You might compare this with what you have done to see if perhaps you did something differently.


    Good luck!

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    Hi Steve,

    This is the fix from the Microsoft forum. Just sharing yet another little MSOP bump…..

    See link:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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