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    Mike Levine

    I’ve created a Gantt View for task planning and I’ve set up the resource sheet with the correct [Resource] Types (e.g., Work, Material, Cost). However, for reasons that I don’t understand, when I insert the resource type in the Gantt view, the field does not populate.

    MS Project Professional 2016.


    Larry Christofaro

    Mike, can you please provide a bit more information (insert steps, specific results). The scenario you describe seems very basic without understanding more about what you are doing.


    Resource Type is a resource field. It’s available in Task views but it only shows data when you use a task view such as Task Usage. In a Task Usage view, Resource Type is populated for each resource assigned to the task. But you’ll also notice that even in a task usage view, Resource Type does not populate at the task level. That’s because Resource Type is not applicable at the task level. Hope that helps.

    Mike Levine

    Daryl & Larry,

    Thanks for your responses.

    Daryl, I came to the same conclusion yesterday after posting (here) and after doing more testing.

    I think MS can do better with identifying these types of “design constraints” and in the help. The field [Resource Type] is available to add to any Gantt view and hovering over the field the help doesn’t indicate the particular constraint of “only available in a task view.” In addition, you can display resource name, resource initials in any Gantt view.

    Example: Resource Type

    Again, I’m grateful for your response.


    Mike Levine

    Make that “… only available in resource view.”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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