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    Sheila VanLyke

    Hi all,

    I would like to generate a tabular report with all of the project tasks listed vertically in the first column, followed by the forecasted task start and end date, and then a column for each assigned resource with estimated work hours in the following columns.  For example, I have a number of activies for which our lead developer is assigned full-time, and the solution architect and business analyst are assigned at fixed number of hours for oversight.  My intention is to provide a view to the resources so that they are aware of the number of hours that have been forecasted for them each task period.  Thanks in advance for any advice!


    Avatar photoTerry Kneeburg

    Sheila, I don’t know which version of Project you have, but have you looked at the Reports in Project 2010 (on the Project tab).  There is one called “Who Does What When” which may be close to what you need.  If you have Project 2013 you can easily build your own custom report.  Hope this helps.

    Karen Singh

    I am having difficulty getting resource leveling to work.

    I have 16 subprojectss and 8 resouces. All the subprojects are to be completed within fiscal 2013. All resources are unique and not interchangeable.

    Each subproject has one of the resources assigned as the lead and multiple other resources assigned for review or other specific functions.

    6 resources work 40 hours per week – (1920 hours per year prior to vacations, holidays and persnal leave), 1 resource works 30 hours per week, one resource works 12 hours per week.








Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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