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      I’m working on an existing project: different projects are contained in a masterplan. Not all resources are allocated, or there are tasks with allocated resources without cost. Many of these tasks have been updated with% complete. Some activities are fix work, others fix unit, others fix duration (without a criterion). Now i want to enter resource costs and calculate CPI and SPI. Can this be done with a current project? from the project budget I would like to allocate the resources, at their own hourly cost, without damaging the project. How should i do?


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Alek, my first response has to be NO. CPI and SPI are highly dependent on accurate baselines and tracking actuals. Unless you have all that background and are willing to rebuild the project, you won’t have accurate EV values. You could create a going forward plan and begin the process if needed. That could give you going forward EV, but it wouldn’t include historical schedule.

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