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      guy forget

      Lets say that in a project I have to some material like sand.
      Based on the volume the work is estimated 600 hours
      I am using 3 work ressources: a loader and 2 trucks
      Since ressources all have 10h/day calendar, duration will be 20 days. (fixed work)
      Normaly we consider only the equipment assuming that it comes with an operator.
      This time we are renting the equipments and we will supply our own opereators. (in our reporting we must show both)
      So if I add 3 operators system will recalculate duration to 10 days.
      My question is: what shoud I do so that duration stays at 20 days even though I add 3 operators.

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      Heather Agee

      Just change the task type to “Fixed Duration” so that when you apply the changes, the duration doesn’t change.

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      An additional suggestion. Set the 3 operators up the same as you had the equipment. Meaning 10 hour days. Set the task at 600 hours of work and assign those resources. The result will be 20 days duration if each operator works 10 hour days.
      If you also need to account for the equipment, define it as a material resources with a cost of $x as the total cost of the 20 day rental. Assign it to the same task. You can set up the material resource costs to all be incurred at the start/finish, or prorated across the entire task duration.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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