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    I am using MSP 2010 and not sure if I am imagining this but wonder if this is possible.

    I want a flag to go to yes based on a user input for example if the user input is 10 the flag will go to yes where the numeric field shows 10 or any number that the user has selected. Is this possible?


    Matthias Müller

    Yes, it is possible by using a formula for the flag field. Just use the If statement to test for the number where the flag should switch to YES.
    Hope I could help.


    Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for that, which is what I am doing. What I want is the flag to change depending on what number is selected. For example in a numeric field I have items marked 1-5, there will be many number 1’s, 2’s etc, but I have one flag field. So the formula would have to reflect a value the usrt has selected so if they pick 1 the flag will say yes for each occurrence of 1.

    So I am trying to find out is there a way the formula would re-write itself based ona value selected by the user.

    Matthias Müller

    Maybe I do not fully understand what you desire.
    You can make a Flag field change by using this formula for example:
    (If Number1=1,YES,NO). Instead of the NO expression you can use also nested Ifs. Just insert the same expression for the NO statement and alter the number that also should turn the Flag field to YES.

    If this is not quite what you want, maybe consider using several Flag fields instead.

    Thomas Boyle

    I don’t think you can make a custom field formula dependent on user input. From what you’ve written, each task has a number assigned either manually or with a formula, say in the Number1 custom field. You would like to automatically flag (using Flag1) only those tasks whose assigned number matches some selected criterion.
    This is easiest to do using vba. For example, the following procedure opens an input box and asks which value (in the Number1) field you would like to flag. Then it sets Flag1 to “Yes” for all tasks whose Number1 matches the selection (“No” for all others.)

    Sub ConditionalFlag()
    Dim t As Task
    Dim k As Long
        k = InputBox("Enter Number to Flag")
        For Each t In ActiveProject.Tasks
            If Not t Is Nothing Then
                If t.Number1 = k Then
                    t.Flag1 = "Yes"
                    t.Flag1 = "No"
                End If
            End If
        Next t
    End Sub
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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