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Scheduling resources with different working hours per day

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    Dennis Lakier

    I have a project where there are onshore resources working 8 hours per day, and offshore resources working 9 hours per day, in different time zones. I am having difficulty setting up the calendars so that Microsoft project can schedule the hours per day for the onshore and offshore resources correctly.

    Is it possible in Microsoft project 2010 to schedule correctly when the calendars have different working hours?
    If so, are there any guidelines on how to setup the project options, calendars, and tasks?

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Dennis, you should be able to do basic scheduling without an issue by creating a calendar for your offshore resources. A task without a task calendar should work fine with either resource. Can you provide additional information with specifics on what your are trying to do? Is it creating the calendar or using it to schedule resources? Either way please provide more details. Thanks…Larry


    We’re using Project 2016 and have set up enterprise resources. We’ve tried changing their work times, but it is failing to save.

    I am set up as a global administrator. In Project Pro I have a checked-out enterprise resource and I go into the Resource Information window and select Change Working Time. It opens a Resource calendar for the specific resource which is based on the standard calendar. I then go to Work Weeks and with Default highlighted, I click Details. I then click the “Set days to these specific working times” radio button and change the time for Monday. I click OK a number of times to get back to the Resource Sheet that shows the checked-out resource. When I try to close the resource it prompts with the message “Want to save your changes to Checked-out Enterprise Resources?” I click on “Yes”. It closes the confirmation popup, but does not close the resource (it is still shown as a checked-out enterprise resource). I can try to close it again and I get the same confirmation popup asking me to save. It never appears to actually save. If I just close without saving and go back into the resource, the changes have not been saved.

    It does not give me any more information. Am I missing some permission?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    Sorry, accidentally posted to the wrong spot.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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