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      I have a schedule that we base lined about 4 months ago. At that time we did not have a requirement for any cost related reporting. Therefore I did not have rates for my resources entered in resource sheet. Since this time the schedule has encountered many many changes from adding additional tasks and resources to shifting dates. This week I was informed that we need to provide the CPI and SPI number for mgmt. and the number must be based on the original baseline. Is there any way to get the cost information generated for the original baseline so that MSProject will calculate the SPI and CPI?

      I am using 2010 non server with SP2.

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      I have 5 individual files in this state and will need this function performed at the IMS level. I insert the files into a master as non linked.
      Please advise.

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      Josh Logan

      Earned Value is cumulative; that is, it incorporates any baseline changes made during the period of performance. If cost was not incorporated into the baseline from which EV is calculated you have a problem. You would have to rebuild the schedule and its associated costs from the beginning, then apply actual costs and status (% completions) to each prior period (monthly, weekly).

      Are you using an EV tool, or are you calculating EV manually? Do you have all the backups of the schedule after each baseline change?

      It is possible to calculate EV outside the schedule (IMS) in Excel, for example, but you would still need resource rates and actuals and status for prior periods – thus you could estimate the EV.

      This is a complex question requiring much more than this simple answer.

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