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    What are the benefits of setting up multiple PWA?

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    If you are referring to setting up multiple instances of PWA, you might consider the following ‘Lesson Learned’  – Plan for at least 3 different instances setup something like below, right out of the gate (I wish I had originally planned our’s this way):
    PWA_Dev – Development Environment
    PWA_T – Training Environment
    PWA_P – Production Environment
    Each is independant of the other, and you dont have to ‘filter’ testing (development) and training projects out of the production Excel, SSRS, DA or SBIDS reports, and the Production instance is ‘cleaner’ without any development or testing data ‘polluting’ the  end-use datasets
    Good Luck, if you need any more suggestions, just ask…
    I am currently working on a formal ‘Lessons Learned’ for our deployment effort for Project Server 2007, so this discussion helps (forces) me to think about how I would do things differently next time
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    One of the situations that we encountered was related to how tracking occurs.  We have one department that wanted to use the single-entry-mode, but most other departments did not want to use that level of tracking and instead wanted to use percent complete.
    Project Server’s Single-Entry-Mode feature is an on/off feature, so in order to accomodate this we had to set up a separate PWA for those departments using this feature as their tracking method for projects.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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