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      After installing SP1 & August updates to Project Server & Project Professional in our Dev environment, resources are no longer available to be added/updated in project plans.  Any ideas on what we missed in our updates to cause this?

      Resources are OK if I start a new plan, but if I open an existing plan, go to the TaskDetails-Split view, change the bottom screen to ‘work’, and click on the dropdown arrow in the resource name column there are no resources to choose from.  The resources still show in the ViewResource Sheet, and the old choices display in the bottom ‘work’ screen, but I can’t make any new resource choices/changes.

      Also, when I click on the Ctrl-T shortcut to build team resources, the ‘Project Resources’ area on the right is grayed out as if none had ever been picked.

      Any thoughts on how we fix this?

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      Hi Roni.

      Thanks so much for sharing your fix with us — it worked like a charm!  Appreciate you taking the time to share your resolution with us!!

      Thanks much!


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      Hi Laurel,

      We recently upgraded from EPM 2007 to EPM 2010 and found something similar.  I’m not sure if it is the same issue, but from time to time, when we open existing (migrated) projects, the team members do not appear on the right side of the screen in the ‘Build Team from Enterprise’ menu option.  This is fixed by cancelling out of that screen and then saving the project.  You then go back to that screen and the resources reappear again.



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