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    pasquale colonna

    as the previous topic had no solution, I propose the question more clearly: you can enter a start time before 1984?

    J Fox

    It looks like you can change the status date , etc. to earlier but the timescale stops at 1984


    Like every other product, Project has some hardcoded limits, such as valid range of dates. Open the Change Working Time dialog box and use the calendar control in the middle in order to see the earliest and latest date available in Project. You can also search for product specifications help article on the internet.

    Would you mind me asking ? Why do you need dates before 1984 ?

    pasquale colonna

    Ok, I hope to be clear. You might need to use Project to represent a certain situation occurred in the past during which there were various options (for example, the choices of President Kennedy JFK during the Cuban missile crisis of the 60s) and simulate what would happen with the different options and its consequences over time. Other situations may be studied in the field of archeology, history, strategy, and so on. I think this could be an important area of ​​development for Project. What is your opinion?


    Sure, you can use Project to represent a timeline of events logically connected.
    In this case, displaying dates in 2 digit ‘yy format may help, for example, ’84 for 2084.


    On the other hand, using a graphical tool to produce timelines may attract more attention.
    Pls see: greatprojectscampaign.com/international-space-station.html
    Correction: In this case, displaying dates in 2 digit ‘yy format may help, for example, ’84 for 2084.display 2084 as ’84 to represent 1984 if the date range permits.

    pasquale colonna

    ok, this can be a remedy, but apparently it is a remedy that can not be professional: it is unacceptable to present a scientific paper with a false representation! in addition, this remedy is not applicable to cases with time more than 100 years old and I’m looking at a case with a lot of time over 1000 years!
    Instead it would be so simple that Microsoft Project allow you to change the default valid range of dates before you begin your project!

    Tom Schaefer

    This limitation is really is a bug. We build projects linked to many events in the past. For example, the development of the DDG-51 program has been ongoing since June of 1981, and will continue until at least 2022. Millions of dollars have been spent every year since 1981 and we have analytical reasons to track the timing of events and expenditures since then, connecting them logically and analytically to the future as models for current and future programs.

    This is a place where if Microsoft can or will not correct this deficiency, a 3rd party should.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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