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      Bob Hillier

      I’ve simplified my real problem to the following structure. Two files: Master Project and a Subproject. The Master Project includes the Subproject.

      Master Project is
      Task 1
      Task 2 (predecessor = task 1)
      Task 3 (predecessor = Subproject task 1)
      Milestone with deadline

      Subproject 1
      Subproject task 1

      The Master Project milestone has a deadline.
      The Subproject task 1 is linked to a task in the Master project (Task 3 (predecessor = Subproject task 1)).

      Task 2 and Task 3 Finish dates are past the Milestone deadline date.

      If I link Task 2 to the Milestone then everything behaves as expected. The Milestone is shown exceeding the deadline and we get the correct indication in the Indicator column.

      However, if I link Task 3 to the Milestone then a problem occurs.

      If I link the Task3 to the milestone then I get the “un-helpful” dialog
      “This action will cause a scheduling conflict. Task 2 of ‘Subproject 1’ has a task
      constraint or is linked to a task that cannot move, and as a result the constraint
      or the link cannot be set”
      If I Continue. Allow the scheduling conflict. then the deadline exceeded indicator is displayed. All else works fine with the schedule until the project re-calculates. Every time the schedule recalculates, I get the unhelpful dialog again (multiple times in my real project).

      It seems that any back path that includes a subproject creates a warning. If the back path does not include a subproject then there is no warning.

      Is this a bug?

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      Larry Christofaro

      Bob, I was able to reproduce the behavior you documented. Looks like a bug to me, but possibly with the deadline…not the sub-project. If I remove the deadline from the milestone, the links behave as expected. Give that a try and let me know what you get.

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      Bob Hillier

      Thanks Larry, If the deadline is removed then there is no warning dialog.
      I have removed all the deadlines in my schedule. 🙁
      Maybe I can assign the deadline to a Date field and use a formula to display an indicator if the deadline is missed. Hmmm…. how can I see or set what is in the indicator field from a formula (or from VBA). Hmmmm….

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      Larry Christofaro

      Bob, yes you can use one of the date fields instead of the deadline. You could test the dates and then use a graphical indicator to display an image. You could even set yellow for a warning and red when it is delayed. It’s still a bug, but the workaround might work well depending on your needs. Good luck…

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      Bob Hillier

      Thanks Larry
      The workaround works!
      I appreciate your confirmation that, indeed, my scenario is a bug.

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