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      Hello. I am using Project Professional 2016. It seems like it is judging the status of tasks correctly (future task, on schedule, late). But, it doesn’t judge summary tasks correctly. If all tasks within a summary have completion dates in the past and any of them are late it will judge that summary as late. But if there are any tasks that have a completion date in the future, the summary task is judged as on schedule. Even if it’s all tasks within the summary are zero percent complete. Is there a way to change this?

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      I don’t see this behaviour in all instances.
      I see it doing this when the sub-tasks in the past have 0% complete. In this instance, there is no work which I think is the key aspect. I suspect this is because the summary task has to deal with summarising milestones without work?
      When any one of the late sub tasks has work assigned – i.e. % complete > 0 the summary shows late as you would expect.

      I would limit your analysis to tasks, get these right and the summaries will follow 🙂

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